Let’s act together for the planet

Become an actor of change!

ATELIER CASTA launches a collection of dormant pieces.
Send us the jewelry/accessories you no longer wear and receive a 10% discount coupon on our online store.

What can you give?

To receive a 10% discount coupon, your bag must contain at least 5 pieces.

Attention, we accept oxidized parts (whose color varies and becomes, black, green, or pink) but do not take rusted parts (thick layer of terracotta color).

What will happen to your treasure?

Your parts will be taken in charge to be sorted, dismantled, recycled for a new use. If they are used for one of our future models, it will bear your name as a unique piece.
Please note that once your pieces arrive at our premises, they become our property.

What to do?

1 • Prepare a pouch* or several pouches containing your coins (one pouch = 5 coins)
*Note that the pouch should not exceed 18 cm x 20 cm x 3 cm

2 • Specify your coordinates inside the pouch with its content

3 • Fill in the form below

4 • Send it to the following address: Atelier Casta, 112 avenue de Paris CS 6000 2 94306 VINCENNES DECEX.

5 • As soon as you receive it, you will receive an email with your 10% discount, which can only be used on our website, and you will receive free delivery for your future order.

Send us your parts!

    Our commitment to upcycling allows us to create unique pieces using second hand products to which we give a value and exclusivity. We are looking for quality while being trendy, that’s why we can sometimes assemble new pieces to recycled ones but keeping a goal of valorization of used product. We give a more qualitative life to the product and we offer its uniqueness to the buyer.

    Upcycling allows us to bring value to an object without degrading its material. On the contrary, we will add value to the basic product by combining it with another or by diverting its primary use.
    By reusing existing elements, we slow down the production of new products and their environmental impact: use of pesticides, excessive water consumption, chemical treatments, pollution linked to transport… By making a product last, upcycling allows a sustainable fashion in opposition to a disposable fashion incited by fast fashion.
    Finally, upcycling does not require additional energy, unlike recycling, where the treatment of products to create new materials is energy intensive.
    This more responsible way of consumption corresponds to our company values.

    Upcycling also allows us to be creative. We look for ways to divert products from their main uses, we look for associations of products to achieve or we are inspired by some products found to seek in the same genre. Upcycling is a world of limitless creativity that also helps the planet.