Like many of us, confinement has been a way of thinking about what we really like. The desire to get closer to something that looks like us. This urgent need to reconnect with what really matters. Between awareness and search for meaning, the year served as a catalyst for the desire for change.

There followed a reflection on the meaning of her work and the values that she wishes to defend.
She then imagines how to change on her scale, a specific type of consumption. Imagine products inspired by museums around the world, by fashion shows without geographical limits and create a company on a human scale where everyone’s potential is highlighted, become his a new goal.

Thus is born Atelier Casta.


Atelier Casta is a French brand of upcycled fashion & lifestyle accessories.

Phone straps imagined to bring you an extra freedom and make your daily life easier. Atelier Casta products allow you to keep your phone close to you while maintaining your freedom to conquer the world.

A world of limited editions with meaning because they are made from “nothing”. Accessories created from vintage pieces whose materials are reinterpreted, transformed, and of course magnified.

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bandouliere telephone upcycling

The Founder

From her Mauritian grandparents with whom she grew up, Pauline who was born in the Paris region, inherited, in addition to a solar vision of life. A sense of values & respect for things that pushes to use what one acquires until complete wear and tear, far from the systematic compulsive redemption in vogue in our time. That is nothing anecdotal, this conservative vision in the basis of the ATELIER CASTA brand.

After studying plastic art & art history, Pauline worked for more that ten years in the fashion trade. From this retail experience for various companies leading in accessible luxury and fast-fashion, it removes a need to return to essential principles. Consume responsibly, buy lower and better quality.

Recycle when possible. Having grown up cradled in the culture of vintage, flea & flea markets, Pauline knows how much, until the 1980s, objects were designed to last & time travel.

As an adult, aware of environmental & ecological issues, Upcycling logically becomes her mantra.

The finding

So above all, everything was designed and manufactured to travel through the decades. Today it’s the race for who will produce the most no matter what the impact. The fashion industry represents 8% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. This is the reason why up cycling is virtuous from an environmental point of view.

Creating from existing material is more economical in water and energy.
As stated Lavoisier « nothing lost, nothing is created, everything turns »
Between awareness and search for meaning, we can imagine how to change, on our scale, a specific type of consumption. Participate in the environmental effort by manufacturing our products on the basis of up cycled parts.

#Upcycling ( literally recycling from the top) is to reuse already existing raw materials, transform them and give them a new life. Because failing to have everything manufactured, which with pollute a lot, we recover what is no longer used, damaged or that nobody wants and we pimp them. We reinterpret objects respecting their stories. It is therefore in a zero waste approach that we transform waste into a resource, bringing our influences to it.

unique pieces and limited series


Why upcycling? It stimulates our creativity because it forces us to adapt to what we can find.

The art of recycling has no limits, which pushes us to surpass ourselves. It allows to avoid waste and to create only limited series or unique pieces. UNIQUE PIECES TO UNIQUE PERSON.

The selected vintage pieces come from surplus, dormant stocks, thrift shops, second hand websites or stores, flea markets, and even from the bottom of your closets…

To bring them back to life, Atelier Casta assembles them with a few new pieces because it is not always easy to find vintage or end-of-stock pieces in quantity for the accessories we make.

Who made?


From design to assembly, everything is handmade in our workshop in the Paris region. Thought and manufactured on a basis of already existing materials our core business is to find new parts. Parts that need to be disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and pimpered. It is of course the artisanal manufacture which brings a real added value to our products.

Atelier Casta offers several ranges of upcylated products even for small budgets. Fair prices intended to balance our development for a reasoned and sustainable growth, attributed according to the selected pieces, and the working time per accessory.

Some of our pieces are gilded with 24-carat gold by a French company based in Paris. A company concerned with the environment in zero reject mode that buys its gold from French suppliers, who are themselves committed to transparent sourcing: no child labor or inhumane activities.


packagingg éco responsable


We are committed to protecting the environment. To go further in our 0 waste approach, our packaging is also eco-responsible.

Created from corn starch, our stickers are compostable and biodegradable. The ink used for our stickers is water-based. They are manufactured by a French company based in the south of France.

Created from recycled cardboard, our boxes are made in Spain. Atelier Casta chooses them thick enough to be used as storage boxes.

Our velvet dust bags are made by a Polish company.

Our mailing envelopes are made of 80% recycled plastic and are manufactured by a French company.