Atelier Casta is a French brand of upcycled fashion & lifestyle accessories.

Phone straps designed to give you extra freedom and make your daily life easier. Atelier Casta products allow you to keep your phone close to you while maintaining your freedom to conquer the world.

A world of meaningful limited series designed from (nothing). Accessories created using vintage pieces whose materials are reinterpreted, transformed and of course magnified.


Because the smartphone has become our best ally and it costs more and more, we must take care of it. We’ve all felt that heat stroke when we drop it.

Forget about locating your lost smartphone : our straps and chains take care of it. Now permanently connected to you, you will discover the freedom to move and forget about it. Our chains and straps hook onto the phone case et wrap around you for added security and unique style.

Your smartphones are already real technological jewels, we will enhance them with our phone straps. Inspired by the latest trends, they glamorize you and your smartphone.

Whether you want to wear them on the shoulder, crossbody or around the neck, they will adapt to any of your outfits. But also our models are designed with the aim of being multi position. Some phone chains can turn into a belt, others also turns into jewelry.

Thanks to upcycling, we fight against overproduction, the pollution it generates and we offer you a one-of-a-kind collection. We recover existing parts by giving them a second life and assembling them with certain new parts to guarantee you quality accessories.

#2021 Campaign

Between eco responsibility and up cycling

The campaign consists of different staging, but always with consistency of images, photographed on the iPhone 13 pro by the talented Jerome Spleen.

A shoot for which the Parisian brand has kept a minimalist decor with vintage furniture, alternating black and white in a Haussmannian apartment.

Between hardwood floors from Hungarian, ceiling and moldings to recall the French architecture.
A campaign with outfits exclusively in jeans because this material crosses the ages and generations thanks to its resistance while remaining timeless.

This series of photos features 3 models casually installed and the designer who agreed to pose for the first campaign.
A staging that reflects freedom and self-affirmation. A campaign in tune with the times, which encourages everyone to take responsibility, live their life to the fullest and be free. Inspiring, then.

Phone cases

These shells are made from recycled TPU plastic. The name of the company is engraved in tone on tone on the outside of the case, and our motto “nothing is lost, everything is transformed” is engraved inside the case.

It will protect your smartphone from everyday shocks. Soft to the touch, these shells offer you an excellent grip. A precise design allows you to use all buttons without interruption. For more security, and more freedom, the tips for straps are directly integrated. They will ensure complete protection of your technological jewel, while keeping a trendy look with its trendy colors.


Upcycled accessories that make life and daily use of smartphones easier. Eco-responsible products, creative looks, and practicality to be free of your movements.


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