Upcycling Conscious

2021 Campaign

Between eco responsibility and up cycling

The campaign consists of different staging, but always with consistency of images, photographed on the iPhone 13 pro by the talented Jerome Spleen.

A shoot for which the Parisian brand has kept a minimalist decor with vintage furniture, alternating black and white in a Haussmannian apartment.

Between hardwood floors from Hungarian, ceiling and moldings to recall the French architecture.A campaign with outfits exclusively in jeans because this material crosses the ages and generations thanks to its resistance while remaining timeless.This series of photos features 3 models casually installed and the designer who agreed to pose for the first campaign.

A staging that reflects freedom and self-affirmation. A campaign in tune with the times, which encourages everyone to take responsibility, live their life to the fullest and be free. Inspiring, then.